Report for UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center

The table of average charges for outpatient cases shows the average charges for the most common outpatient services, procedures and surgeries. As is the case for all data on this site, these are averages to provide a general idea of expected charges based on the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2022. Actual charges will vary.

In all cases except where noted, this does not include the prices for physician services — this is for hospital services only.

Evaluation & Management Services (CPT Codes 99201-99499)

Laboratory & Pathology Services (CPT Codes 80047-89398)

Medicine Services (CPT Codes 90281-99607)

Other Common Outpatient Procedures (list as needed)

Radiology Services (CPT Codes 70010-79999)

Surgery Services (CPT Codes 10021-69990)